Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (NDS Wii)


Okay so here we have a came that came out for both of Nintendo's systems and function together in complete sync. Let's see how this did.

Game play: The game play is good, something like a dungeon crawler meets and action RPG. You'll create a character of one of the 4 available races and begin moving through the story. Later you'll be able to recruit or create additional allies. Another great feature is the Wifi for the 2 systems and the ability to play with friends any where with either system. ANother great feature is the upgrading of armors and customization. Like you're old starting armor think its cool looking well its possible to over level armor to extend its usefulness or break the armor down to aquire gems for new skills in your next set of armor. Also tthe game boast so good dugeon and puzzle design making the play more challenging. 5/5

So there was the ancient race that used crystal to power everything and then all the crsystals went away. Now people are trying to alter time to stop that. That's the jist of kind f just run from point A to point B in an attempt to further the plot but its mostly just to get access to higher quest dungeons and gear. 2/5

Okay the game is nice looking not great but nice. Enemies are often pallet swapped but most of the gear and is unique adding to your characters individuality. The sad thing is the only visual difference in the characters is race and gender so all the same race and gender look the same. There's a way to change hair color later but that's it. For a DS game it looks great...on the Wii it looks like a DS game which is less than good. 3/5

The music is kind of blah. Nothing about it really stands out and the voice acting is good but not memorable. Some of the best audio moments are hearing the screams of a dying ally and then laughing at them for it. Otherwise the sounds just ambient noise. 3/5

Replay: The games engaging enough to make you want to play through its 3 difficulty setting and unlock all the shiney bonuses also later in the game you can aquire items for making a new character that would have a better stat growth than your current one. A nice feature if not a bit tedious. 4/5

on the DS the game is totally worth on the Wii not so much being its basically a straight port. The co-op elements of the game are done right and done well. Many puzzles and boss fights make you want to play with friends but at the same time they aren't needed to conquer the game. The replay is also good though you'll be forced to visit all the dungeon 2 or 3 times they change enough and are entertaining enough for in not to feel burdening. The quest system like the rest of the game is all well balanced making you want friends but not making it a demand for completion. Overall the games biggest draw back is that its not terribly long. A group of seriously players can beat the story in about 15 hours. On the upside the replay collecting and side stuff gives the game a good 30-50 hour play. Depending on how much you're entertained by all that. 4/5


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