Thursday, January 08, 2009

End of 2008

A few days late, I realize, but I wanted to say a few things about 2008. Mostly, this was a year of remakes, and I'm so happy that 3 of my all time favorite games were remade. This post is just to talk about the games and their remade versions and what I think.

Final Fantasy IV: The graphics were 3Dified and the script was changed. An augment system was added, which i think was for the worst. The difficulty curve didn't change, but it seemed like it was easier to level, and more necessary to do so. Personally I prefer the GBA port, or the original.

Dragon Quest IV: Also updated graphics and script. Th graphics aren't vastly improved, so a person with a need for fancy graphics wouldn't like it. For the most part, the game remains true to the original, it is just as old school turn based and level grinding as when I played it on the NES. Of course playing it reminded me how tedious level grinding could be, but still great to play one of my favorite games on the DS.

Chrono Trigger: Remaining almost entirely true to the original, with some updated script, this has been my favorite of the remakes. Graphics were not touched, butthe anime cutscenes from the PS version made it in. Also in the menu screen is a theater to rewatch the scenes, a music box to listen to the great music, maps to show you were treasures are (in areas you've already cleared), and a guide of all the endings you have completed. There are some buton options to play in DS mode, but I didn't use so I can't comment. I love when they dont screw with a classic, and this is a perfect a remake as I can imagine. PICK IT UP!!!

So that's my thoughts on a year of remakes. I don't know if you'll be affected by this, but i thought I would share my thoughts.


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