Sunday, January 27, 2008

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law (PS2, Wii, PSP)

Hello again. So, it's Sunday, and I have a review for you. Today's game is Harvey Birdman, based off the Adult Swim cartoon.

Story: It's a series of trial cases in which you guide Harvey into finding out who did what. Not a lot of story overall, though of course each case has a cute little story. 3/5

Audio: The soundtrack is ripped from the show, so there's a nice feel like you're watching the show. 3/5

Graphics: Like the soundtrack, it gives the appearance of the show. 3/5

Gameplay: The gameplay on this is almost hands off. It is like watching the show with the occasionally throwing in of informtion. Sometimes you'll be asked to investigate stuff. Sometimes you will listen to a witness tesitmony and have to decide if they lie or have more information to give. Sometimes you will present evidence you find to the witness. you have a certain number of times you can do this incorrectly before you fail. It's very simple gameplay, and what I found annoying was that you had to hit accept after every little thing happened. 3/5

Replay: The game is short, and there's no benefit to replaying. 1/5

Overall: It's a fun fan service, but not really that great. Definitely a rental over owning since there are only five cases and they don't take more than thirty or so minutes. If you liked the show, this might be worth renting, but otherwise, don't bother. 2/5

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Long time no see Readers...I was out for awhile with a sever case of deadness but now thanks to some voodoo I have returned! Yay Zombification! So we all know about the big time MMOs like FFXI and WOW but how about the small time ones...The ones people ignore and skip over.

Flyff-(Fly for Fun) This is a bright and colorful game and a port of a Korean MMO. Its basing is that you go through the game doing fun cute quest usually involving killing x number of monsters or getting x number of items. They story is pretty bland but the main fun comes from the go anywhere do anything feel the game has. With the ability to run jump and fly you can go anywhere in the game...even if it kills you. The problem being the game is constantly struggling to catch up with its Korean counter part and runs on some parts of the game are buggy and/or unfinished but none the less it has a good community and a fun playtime with lots of class and character choices. 3/5

9Dragons- An MMO made by Acclaim based in ancient china you start out choosing which faction you would like to join of the starting 6. These factions are based upon actual ancient houses of martial arts. Each having a unique style of combat and attire. A good point of the game is that its visually attractive. It also boasts a large roster of spells, abilities and and combat styles. The latter being the main focal point you can chose a large number of different combos as you advance in level for you character to use as well as finishing and special attacks. There is also a large variety of weapons to be used to compliment you choices in style. Spells tend to feel generic early on as there is little variance between the factions and the amount of time and energy required to skill them up is exhausting. 4/5

A windows mode based cute little MMO which gains its uniqueness from being a tactical MMO. The game does have a small fee of like 3 bucks a month or an annual 15...though it may have changed. The games interface is friendly the battles though something long can be alot of fun enemy AI though is questionable or divine...The main focal point tho is gathering a large group of friends and fighting together against an equally large force of mobs much like a Tactical RPG with you entire party being AI only smart...Once the Novelty wares off the game gets grindy though and takes a good amount of effort to find the gems of entertainment but they are there. 3/5

Silk Road:
This game bases itself in the ear of booming trade in the east following like the name the Silk Road. You start in China and chose you weapon style and magic styles, you aren't confined to your choices but leveling them all up equally is tricky and tedious. Later you'll have the option to become a Merchant, Hunter, or can choose all 3 but it follows the same lines of the magic and weapons. Merchants trade goods between the ancient cities and Hunters protect them while thieves try to rob them and steal the goods. The concept lends itself to give a uniqueness to the community but with no restriction to prevent high levels from raping all the low level is extremely disheartening and the questing gets exhausting. Another case of X monsters or X items greatly increasing with each level. 3/5

Perfect World:
This game is maddeningly pretty with a good graphics card you will tear up and the beauty of this game. Character customization is at the peak giving you the ability to tweak your avatars looks to the smallest detail. You'll have the choice of 3 races and 2 jobs for each. These have a good amount of worth and uniqueness. Quest have a good amount of variances and aren't solely kill X monster blah blah blah. The world is a twisted fantasy version of China...quite popular setting. The game also boasts a go anywhere do anything feel but do it at your own risk. The game is free and runs on donations for rewards system. Donate money get something cool like a flying mount or an elephant. The game lacks a true excitment and the story seems to have a direction but its slow. 4/5

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dragon Quest Monster: Joker (DS)

It's still Sunday, so this review isn't really late. Sure, the game has been out for a while, but oh well, I wanted to review it anyway.

Story: Your dad is the head of a secret organization, and he tells you that you should compete in the monster competition. Of course he has his own agenda, and his own restriction is that you will obey any orders he gives you. Shortly after you arrive on the island where the competition is being held, there are seven main islands in the world, by the way, you are told that the opening ceremony is delayed and you should go capture some monsters so you have a fighting chance. Stuff happens, you meet a strange monster who decides to call you master, and you have to help him on his quest too. It's not an amazing story, but it's not bad, and while you generally have a path, you ahve given leeway in how you want to invest your time. 3/5

Audio: The music takes tracks from older Dragon Qest games, so fans of the series will enjoy the reminiscing. Besides nice music, there are sound effect to give the game a more realistic feel (footsteps, etc). 4/5

Graphics: I loved the graphics. i think it's probably some of the best on the DS. They could be a little cleaner, but they were by no means unattractive. The game has that anime cartoon look which suits it well. Characters and monsters are distinct, and the scenery looks good. 4/5

Gameplay: If you've played any of the DQM games before then you know that the concept is to tame wild monsters and have them fight for you. After a certain level you cna merge your monsters together to create an even stronger monster with traits from its parents. In order to progress in the contest, you have to collect darkonium, which can be found in a variety of ways. But the main focus of the game is getting monsters which will fight for you. When you want to capture a monster, ou scout it. This means that the monster(s) already in your party will attack the monster you want, and depending on how much damage they do will depend on the amount you impress the monster. This leads to a percentage amount which will determine the chances of the monster joining you. 4/5

replay: There's not a lot of reason to replay. 2/5

Overall: The game is fun, attractive, and worth picking up. Especially if you like monster raising/fighting type games. 4/5

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mario VS Sonic at the Olympics


Who doesn't love the Olympics and who doesn't love Nintendo and Sega characters competing for for things. Someone I'm sure but they are important so let's begin.

Gameplay: Here's how it works you take a host Mario and Sonic characters and go to the Olympics and with your wii-mote and nunchunk in hand you fail about in and attempt to get a high score. Really that's it and typical to Nintendo its actually really fun if not entirely exhausting. The events range from easy and friendly to complicated and frustrating, you'll either be flailing widely trying to build power of speed or you''ll be preforming complicated timing maneuvers...sometimes both. 4/5

You're at the Olympics with Mario and Sonic...the end. 5/5

Graphics: Graphically the game is flush and pretty everything is smoothly tailored and quite enjoyable to look at. Characters all have a unique feel and motions are most unique to the many characters. 5/5

Cheering crowds and overly excited annoucer make the game feel more real but there's no real music or theme to be found. The game tho doesn't really need one so its not a minus. Characters also all have funny hoots and calls, as well as some cute things they say or in Bowser's case roar when they win a medal. 4/5

The game is definately a party game tho it will give you muscle pain after about an hour so it takes away from your ability to play for long periods. Also every so often messages pop up at the end of a match advising you to take a break and about the third one you start listening and go fine an ice pack. 3/5

Well this is like I said before a genuinely entertaining game playing with friends or family is a big plus for it and you'll laugh and cry just like the real Olympics minus the steroids and tendent slashing in parking lots...The main problem the game has is that it's exhausting to play for more than and hour and there is always going to be that person who is really good at the event naturally and you'll hate them. All in all I wouldn't pay full price for this game wait awhile and get it used when it drops in price. 4/5

Monday, January 07, 2008

2 Years

So, we apparently hit our 2 year marker and I didn't even notice. So happy 2 years to us.