Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fable 2 (360)


As promised, Fable 2.

Story: The game starts with you as a poor boy or girl growing up in the slums with your older sister. You buy a magic music box which starts the process of your sister being shot and you being thrown out of a very very very tall tower. Somehow you survive, and are raised by a mysterious blind woman named Teresa in a gypsy camp. Years pass and Teresa tells you that you are the descedant of a hero long ago (the hero of Fable) and that you have a mission to save the world as well. Your job is gather the three other heroes and use their power to defeat the man who shot you. The storyline of the game is actually really short, but there are a lot of subquests that allow you to fill out your time. 3/5

The game music isn't bad, but it's not amazing. The main characters have reasonable voice-acting and some good dialogue. The townspeople are annoying with their 3 or 4 lines they like to repeat. About average overall. 3/5

The game graphics are pretty good. Your character changes slightly depending on how you act and if you're injured. Most of the townspeople are randomly generated ugly mugs, but they are nicely details ugly people. The environments are attractive. 4/5

The gameplay is fairly simply. You have melee, ranged, and magic attacks all linked to different buttons. You spam these in battle with some "strategy" to avoid death. Monsters you kill give exp corresponding to how you killed them. In town you can do odd jobs (very boring and tedious but good money makers in the beginning). With money you can buy shops, stalls, and houses in order to earn real estate money. Money is slow at the beginning, but as you buy more real estate, you can become very rich very fast. You can also woo people and marry them. Which results in the production of children. Supposedly these kids act like you, but my children were just annoying little bundles that wanted to know why I wasn't home more often. Beside you is your faithful dog who does his best to annoy you with treasure that is buried at the most inopportune times. Overall, the gameplay is fairly simple and easy to pickup. 4/5

While the story remains the same, your actions can change. Want to be an evil mage next time around or a purehearted archer? easily done. 4/5

The game is very similar to the first with some nice tweaks. If you want something completely different, look elsewhere, but if you liked Fable, the this is worth picking up.3/5

Monday, December 08, 2008

Mini Reviews

Alright stupid holidays have been causing me to work more so I went MIA...again >.> here are a handful of things I picked up and played in that time.

Kirby Super Star Ultra (DS) A remake of the SNES the did a good job in the cross over, not changing to much and simply expanding on the games already awesome features like co-op play and and generally entertaining story. THe game got some new stories added to it and few new minigames that unlike the SNES version are actually fun. Truly a good game made better. 4/5

Sonic Chronicles, The Dark Brotherhood (DS)
This game sat on my desk for over a month unopened but I finally cracked it open and played it for awhile. Its was surprising entertaining the combat isn't to stylus heavy but it has some nice quirks. The story is pretty light hearted like most sonic games and the characters have some good interactions. A definate plus for the game was it was actually very simple and fun nothing deep or complicated so a great pick up and play at your leisure game. The drw back is its not for someone looking for a great long breathed game. 3/5

My Japanese Coach (DS) My DS saw alot of action >.> anyway I've been apprehensive of the coach games cause well I don't care about learning french or spanish but now I have japanese. The game does a good job or making you think with out...thinking about it if that makes sense. The games are design to make you start thinkin in japanese as you learn it which allows you to begin retaining information better. BUt its not for everyone the game let's you move on when you've mastered the ords from the current lesson but if you're good at the minigames you can spam thru and not learn anything. It relies on you the player to want to learn. 4/5

Okay in closing, Kirby was great but short lived as its not as fun without a second person. SOnic was good but it tried to hard to be a real rpg and not just a silly casual one. and My Japanese coached really do rely on the player to do things outside the game to help learn and is only good if you really want to learn. All good games but nothing too awesome.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Once again...Mini reviews

As you might have noticed if you visit regularly, i haven't updated in a while. And as yuuki is even worse about posting than I am...it's been empty. So here are some games i've tried out for you.

Princess Debut: Cute dating/dancing sim that gets repetitive. I want a more dating sims to come over so I can see what they're like, but as this one centers around dancing, it gets tedious. Oh yeah, the story: your parallel self is a princess who hates dancing, so she trades places so you can dance at a ball in a month. You do so, meet 6 princes, dance dance dance. worth renting if you want something light hearted and plotless. Probably wouldn't buy unless you can handle mass repetition.

Master of Monster Lair: Hilarious dungeon crawler that becomes tedious quickly. Story: you accidentally take a shovel that you were suppose to deliver to people, making you in charge of the caves near your town. By the way, the shovel talks. Also, the mayor doesn't want you just to clear out the monsters in the cave, he wants you to dig deeper so the caves will become a tourist attraction. everyday you go in,dig walls, build rooms, and fight monsters that appear in the rooms. Fun and silly at first, though involves level grinding soon thereafter. Worth renting, possibly buying.

Time Hollow: Point and click mystery. Story: You play a kid who wakes up one day to find his parents are missing, and no one remembers them being alive. Discovering a weird pen, you discover that you can make changes into the past. It's an interesting story that i think loses cohesion at the end. Has the possibility of replay, but the story doesn't change. Worth renting. It's too short to buy.

Dokapon Kingdom: Cute party type game. Story: You are a hero who is sent to save the kingdom and earn money. The worlds are laid out in a board gametype design and you have to roll to reach you goals. You can save towns, fight monsters. your character levels up. It's a fun game, better with people. With any type of board game, there is a level of random luck. recommend if you have friends to play with.

So there are the games (DS, DS, DS, Wii). I'll put a full Fable 2 review out later this week, and Yuuki should put some more mini reviews up.