Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm still not ready to jump back into this weekly review thing. Maybe it's laziness, maybe it's that there is drama going on right now, maybe it's because I want to piss off the 5 readers we have. Whatever the reason, I'm going to give you brief reviews again for the games that I have been playing. Maybe I'll poke Yuuki and make him do the same. So here it goes.

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis: You're Vayne, a young alchemist with no memories who is going to his first day at alchemy school. And his second and his third. I imagine you'll keep going until you graduate. Typical light hearted NIS story. If you've played the Atelier Iris games, you should know what to expect, especially 3. New twist is that you don't level up by killing monsters, you earn AP, which can me used to purchase stat boosts. However, these stat boosts are not available until you're synthesized certain items. I highly recommend if you like NIS games, especially the Atelier games.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology: PSP title that lets you create a character. You run around doing missions with characters from various Tales games. The game is entirely mission based, meaning you take a mission, go to a dungeon, kill, maim, slaughter, rinse, and repeat. This happens to appeal to me, plus with the Tales fan service thrown in, I'm in heaven. It's certainly not going to make you think, but if you've played the Tales games, you'll enjoy the dialogue and random conversations that occur. Oh yeah, there's some crafting thrown in too. Simple and fun.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2: Besides the game seeming to go out of its way to not explain things to you, it's a good game. if you like the Monster Hunters, I recommend. Of course, expect to be yelling at your PSP, your cat, and your apartment because clearly it's all their fault that you couldn't avoid Kut-Ku's attack in time.

Baroque: I played this briefly to do a review, and never played enough for a review. Also, never got around to doing a true review. You're a guy who keeps going into a tower and killing things. In game tutorials suck, and you have an energy bar that depletes unless you kill things fast enough an suck out their insides (not literally). It seems like a game that once you get past the first hour or so, it really picks up and becomes great, but who wants to wait that long?

So there you go, some mini-reviews. I realize I didn't put what system they're PS2, PSP, PSP, PS2/WII.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Delays, breaks, and the rest

So I promised reviews last week, and never gave, and I intended reviews yesterday and never did. More than that I plan on continuing this sabbatical for a bit, so I apologize. Here is a brief summary of the games I had intended to review but never did:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate (ds): It's cute, and not as bad as feared. Kinda entertaining for a dungeon crawler. Pick up if you're bored, but not if you expect a lot.

Obscure: The Aftermath (Wii): I died within the first few minutes, not to a monster but to a ledge that never warns you that you have to rush through climbing. Uses wiimote which is haphazard to control. Nothing about the game appealed to me.

Mariokart Wii: Fun installment of the mariokart series, now with bikes. Different controllers allowed. Good with friends. Silly that you can't do grand prix with them though. And the CPU cheats in battle mode. Still, if you like mariokart, and have a wii, pick it up.

So there you go, really short reviews. Again I apologize. I'll let you know when we're back on schedule.