Monday, May 28, 2007

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (DS, PSP)

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Another day, another slightly late review. Well, part of it is I've been busy lately. Most of it is I'm lazy. Let's get on with this then.

Story: You play the role of a young hero (gender and class chosen by you) and must help save the world from a great evil, the walking dead and all that. Of course you don't start out saving the world. Slowly you are drawn into it by doing missions for your Queen. It's not a great story, but you won't really notice the loss of good plot too much. 3/5

Audio: The tracks are completely forgettable. 2/5

Graphics: The characters all have art portraits which look nice, but the map is rather lackluster. This game isn't a graphics heavy game because it does not need to be though. 3/5

Gameplay: And why do graphics not really matter? Because this game is really an eleborate version of Bejeweled with a plot and some RPG elements. During combat a board appears with red, yellow, blue, green, purple, coin, and skull icons on it. You damage your enemy by lining up skull icons, while th read, yellow, blue, and green icons will fill your various mana stores when you match them up. By collecting mana you can use different skills that you have learned. Your character levels up by defeating opponents or by lining up purple icons on the combat board. You can also earn money through missions and combat. Outside of combat you can use the money to buy new equipment which will have various effects during battle or to upgrade your keep. If you have a dungeon or stable you can capture monsters and learn skills from them. The game operates by quests. There are the main quests, and there are side quests which you can take to help level up or gain more items. If you are defeated in combat, which you can expect to happen, you don't get a game over. Instead you keep the experience you found on the board and reappear on the world map. 4/5

Replay: You might try playing as a different job class, but in the lnog run I don't think it makes any difference. 2/5

Overall: Though the story, graphics, and audio are lackluster, this is a terribly addictive game. you will find yourself playing and losing track of the world around you. It does get frusterating sometimes as the computer seems to get lucky a lot, and battles can be very hard to win. Still it's a good game and I recommend it. 4/5

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

.Hack//G.U. Vol 2//Reminisce

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Hey all, sorry for the late review, but I was just being slow like always. So let's get on with it.

Story: This is part 2 of the new .Hack series, so it follows directly after the first. You take control of Haseo, a somewhat gruff player in the World. In this volume Aida has become more prevelent and hints that there is something else out there fighting Aida show up. Also players are becomign infected with Aida and starting to infect other players. It's just a continuation of the plot frmo the first one, which isn't to say that it's bad. in fact the game is very engrossing, constantly making you wonder what's gonig on and who you can really trust. 4/5

Graphics: The graphics are much in the same as the first, a lovely cell shaded look that isn't too overdone. 4/5

Audio: Much of the music is of course the same as the first game. There are some new tracks that are very well done. Overall the music is great. 4/5

Gameplay: I can go into it all again, but it's basically the same as the first. There are a few more mini games that can be played now, including bike races and the Crimson Vs card game. The bike racing is fun, it just takes some time to figure out how to best manage, and as you race more you can earn more parts to upgrade your bike. the card game is both extremely simple and very difficult. You make yourself a four card deck: one general and three people to will battle against other decks. All battles take place while you're runnign around in the world so you don't have to do anything; however, there is strategy in figuring out what the best deck combination is. many of the little issues from the prior game have been fixed as well. you can now change your party member equipment instead of having to wait until they are the proper level to give them new gear. Also there is a new group attack that becoems available taht is insanely powerful and wonderfully beautiful. Overall, I think it improves the already great gameplay of the first game. 5/5

Replay: I can't be sure now what replay is like, but since I've started this, I've thought about playing the first game again and finding all the little hidden things that I had missed. 3/5

Overall: The game is an entertaining and at times deep piece of work. If you played the first one, you should definitely pick it up. if you haven't, then you should play that first or you'll probably be confused as to what is happening. 4/5

To read the first review again, go here:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Brave: Search for the Spirit Dancer (PS2)

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Alrighty guys and girls here is what they call a tragedy. Brave had potential but falls sadly short.

Gameplay: Basically run around charge up whack stuff in the face move on. Get an ability use it once to get a certain item move on. Find a strategic series of dangerous jumps and get killed by the game. The abilities of the game are good like charming animals or doing magic but they weren't developed to their fullest and feel short. 2/5

Story:Little native american village peaceful and quiet...Giant poorly design flaming skeleton appears turns everyone into zombie and our hero Brave must go find a spirit dancer so defeat the skeleton and return everyone to normal...that's really it there's nothing else the end. 2/5

Graphics: Again something that needed to be polished. Most of the time I felt as though this was just a top notch PS game but no its a crappy PS2 game. Everything seems to just be done at the minimum. 2/5

To be honest I'm not sure there was if so it wasn't audible over my cursing the game and its camera. What audio I did here was good not great but an acceptable tone for a sub par game. 3/5

Plainly and frankly I didn't wanna play through it the first time. So I doubt anyone will play it a second. 1/5

The game is only truly suited for younger players. Those who are still innocent enough to not get annoyed with the terrible cameras and go on a killing rampage. Every ability you learn is quickly abandoned for something new and equally underdeveloped...So is you have some one young and innocent with free time hand it to them otherwise avoid it like the plague. 2/5

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (NDS)

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Hi guys today I have a true gem. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! *cricket noises* okay that was a bad pun and I know it, forgive me. Anyway let's get into this.

Gameplay: Holy flying orange sea otters there is so much stuff in this game! Obviously there is the traditional capture, trade, and battle your pokemon within the game and with friends. There also the rebirth of the pokemon contest where you can dress up your pokemon and compete to see who looks the best in 1 of 5 categories. It seems silly but its really addictive. There's also a mass network of underground tunnels that form a close range wireless home to you and your friends. Here you can build secret bases lay little annoying traps for one another and mine for items. To be honest there are so many things to do in this game. 5/5

Apparently pokemon games have stories...I mayhave forgotten that due to the fact that they are always the same. Team *something space related* comes abd tries to use uber pokemon to destroy and or rule the world. This time its a group called Team Galatic and they want to remake the world...ignore them. 2/5

It's pokemon so it can't be that good, but surprisingly it is. They really made the most out of the DS without completely changing the style of the series. All the pokemon look cute and cool and they've added subtle differences between males and females. All in all the its a brushed up more 3D version of the previous games. Definately still good. 4/5

Pokemon songs are annoying and addictive at the same time. That said the music is all in all good. I've actually sat in a few of the areas and hummed the little tunes. I can't stay they are spectacular but they are pretty nice. 3/5

There is so much to do in this game from the battling to dolling up your pokemon to win a contest. I suggest you grab as many people as you can rob something and all get the game cause its just plain fun. 5/5

Here it is the final say and this is what I think. Seriously go get some freind and get these games. They are just fun and they get better the more people you play with. Definately a grade A game for the DS I've said it alot but there really is so much stuff in this game and its just simple clean fun. 5/5