Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dance Dance Revolution Universe (360)

Reviewed by Kit
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Just a long day, so let's get this over with.

Story: For the most part, there is no story. You just get on your dance pad and dance. However, in quest mode, there is a bit of a story where you are trying to be the greatest dancer in the country. This is also a way to unlock more songs. Not much of a story, not much of a story needed. 2/5

Audio: Music is an essential part of the game, and this one delivers. Not all of the songs are that great, but there is a variety, and everyone should be able to find at least one they like. My favorite is the one that remixes Castlevania music. 4/5

Graphics: The graphics aren't great, but you don't need stellar graphcis to enjoy. All you really need is to be able to read the arrows as the scroll over the screen, which is easy enough to do. You have the option to change your dancer, or get rid of the dancer completely. 3/5

Gameplay: If you've played one DDR, you'll have no problem with this. Basically get on your mat and do as the arrows indicate. The actual moving requires some effort and skill, but after time you to will be able to jump around without looking completely foolish. You can adjust the difficulty and settings from the song choice menu, so you won't have to worry about going back and forth. Besides the game mode, there is also quest mode, workout mode, and others. All of them involve dancing around, of course. With this DDR you can go into xbox live and play against friends as well. Simple, yet addictive. 4/5

Replay: It's a great party game, good for friends, and a nice workout as well. Plus with the 360s gamer acheivement records, you'll want to play again and again to unlock them all. 5/5

Overall: I recommend it for peopel who like videogames and want to do some sort of physical activity. So if you like DDR and have a 360, this is a good buy. 4/5

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Samurai Warriors 2 Empires (PS2/360)

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Alright its Yuuki here with a review of Samurai Warriors 2 Empires. A game with a lot of fun and a really long name.

Gameplay: If you've ever played any of the Dynasty or previous Samurai Warrior games you know how this is handled. You basically run around maiming all the enemies until you own all of Japan. There are also these nifty little tactics that function in a Rock Scissors Paper sort of way that you can use to get a jump on your opponent by trumping there's. 4/5

Story:There really isn't to much of a story mostly because, though you can follow the first bit of the game historically someone is going to mess it up. Normally its you and sometimes the A.I. just gets bored and goes on a killing spree. 3/5

Graphics: Not much of an improvement on either systemns though the 360 looks quite nice. The flip side of that is the graphics are only minorly important to the joy of the game. 3/5

Audio:Great music and some pretty cool voice actors. But its nothing that wasn't in the games less strategic counter part. 3/5

Replay: So many things to unlock from art to movies and events. Weapons, characters, and so much more. The game can provide hours or even days of fun. 4/5

Overall: Alright here it is. The game is fun and theres a good amount of content to unlock and play around with. The main problem is that its not much differnt from any of is dynasty counter parts. It falls short on uniqueness and sadly the good gameplay doesn't pick up the slack. 3/5

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rogue Galaxy (PS2)

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Hey boys and girls its Yuuki here and I've been up all night playing Rogue Galaxy. A nice little Rog about space and pirates from our friends at Level 5 or as some know them "The Makers".

Gameplay: Let's see...well basically it plays like any other RPG. Run around get into fights and kill things. Though the game has a nice real time fighting arena most of the time you'll find yourself wondering where you actually are. The AI is well programmed and even helpful definately a nice change of pace from previous games in general. 3/5

Story: A main point in RPGs. Here you are a kid of gets wrapped up in being a space pirate and then in some destiny, world saving events. Here in Rogue galaxy you'll notice the story is relatively predictable and the most of the story feels tired and used. Characters also seem a little thin and lacking in the background. 2/5

Graphics: As with most games of these days the graphics are actually really good and give you a feeling of playing an anime of some other actiony cartoon. The game does a good job of spacing out its graphics not to many crazy over the top cutscenes that make the less programmed cutscenes look like claymation. 4/5

Audio: Yay audio that's not sickening. Here's why the music at first is kinda blah but then starts to get really cool as you run around space and be all piratey. Also you have the joy of hearing some of your favorite voice actors from other games an animes. They really have a pretty good cast. 4/5

Replay: The games isn't exactly short and I never determined if there was a plus game but do to the story not having that much merit I wouldn't suggest a replay atlest not anytime soon. 1/5

Overall: Okay here are the goods and bads of this game. Its fun but the plot is dry. Characters are entertaining and exciting at first but soon lose their luster. The graphics and audio are both pretty good but they should have been used to a little better for character develpment and general plot touch ups. So here's what I say The game is actually fun but I wouldn't pay full price for it. There are better things to do with your money but if you see it used I'd pick it up if for no other reason than because it has Xiahou Dun in space. 3/5

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Diddy Kong Racing DS (NDS)

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Hi boys and girls its me Yuuki here with Diddy Kong Racing for the DS. Though basically a remake there are a few new things that make it acceptable.

Gameplay: Well its the same as previous versions of the game. Go, stop, shoot giant missle and steer. Now though there is a little moment before each race where the mic and the touch screen are used in order to get a little boost. You use the stylus or blow in the mic depending on the vechicle to obtain a boost at the begining of the match. 4/5

Other than a few new characters its the same as the last one you race to beat the evil pig monster and at the end you race him. The only real difference now besides the characters is the miny games that you are required to do to progress. Some are fun most are annoying tedium. 2/5

Being a port from the 64 it doesn't look very different. Nothings changed much here other than the glitches of the 64 have been removed. 2/5

Okay like the orginal all the themes outside the races are the smae song repeating in different tempos...its cute at first then its freaking annoying. The race themes though are fun and its nice to hear your opponents curse at you in there little animal talk. 3/5

Well if you played the orginal then this is a replay or more like an expansion pack and if you haven't then you'll prolly only play through once. The saving grace is the mulitplayer is almost on par with Mario Kart. 3/5

Overall: Okay the game is good except for the fact it just a port with touch screen friendly stuff added on most of which are just tedium and not really that enjoyable. Beat the game design your own vehicles and racetracks and race with your friends and you'll find your value in this game. 3/5

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS)

Reviewed by Kit
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So then, hi and welcome. Today we'll be looking at this unique DS game that is stylized like a film noir. Let's get to reviewing, shall we?

Story: You take on the role of Kyle Hyde, an ex-New York cop who quit his job 2 years ago and desperately searches for his former partner while working as a salesman. One day he is sent to Hotel Dusk in order to retrieve some lost items for a client, a side job of his. Once there he discovers that everyone has a secret, and some secrets are connected with his former partner. The entire game is extremely plot heavy, and it's an interesting mystery plot to get sucked into. 5/5

Graphics: The characters in the gameare all given a hand drawn sketch look while the backgrounds are more 3D style. Each of the characters has a series of poses to reflect their mood as they're talking. Overall the graphics aren't so much as impressive as they fit the game atmosphere perfectly. 4/5

Audio: The music for the game is gritty. It fills out the detective story plot well. Like the graphics, the audio not perfect in itself, but with the game, it's good. 4/5

Gameplay: In order to play you hold the DS on its side almost like a book. With the touch screen you control where you walk and if you interact with your surroundings. You can also go into your inventory screen and notebook screen from this menu. The right screen will show you what Kyle is looking at. When in conversation, Kyle will be on one screen and the other person on the touch screen. Occasionally you will be able to hit an icon on the touch screen to indicate you have more to ask the person about that topic. The challenge of the game is the puzzles, which often involve using the touch screen. These puzzles are sometimes easy and sometimes insane to figure out what the game wants you to do. 4/5

Replay: There is a plus version of the game, but other than a few changes, it is essentially the same thing. 2/5

Overall: This is a text heavy game that is very good. if you like puzzles and mysteries I highly recommend it. if you want action or can't read, this is not for you. 4/5